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ReFrame Dance Theatre

We create opportunities to shed light on the unknown and reframe the familiar through accessible performance. Accessible in subject matter as it is relevant to audiences; accessible in execution so that diverse audiences are engaged throughout; Physically accessible so that people of all mobilities, body or transit, can experience the work; and accessible economically because the performances are free or cheap.


Undeterred by the unique challenges presented by working beyond (and sometimes within) the traditional stage setting, we believe dance exists as an art form that anyone can take part in - no matter who it is or where it takes place.

The founding of ReFrame Dance Theatre was spurred by an interest in the dissonance between ourselves, the world around us, and contemporary performance practice.  We want to rectify this by promoting and providing opportunities for audiences to engage with dance experiences on their terms; and through fresh work that reflects who we are as a human beings on this planet.


Photo Credit: Mia Sabers/Halted Moments by Mia

Background Photo Credits: Taryn Scozzari


Photo Credit: Chris Torsiello

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