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Our goal is to support you. ReFrame Dance strives to teach from a student-driven perspective that emphasizes expanding our tool belts as dancers from a modern/contemporary dance perspective (for now).

Adult Class Offerings

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California native Nathan Forster brings an West-meets-East coast blend of somatics, biomechanics, and technical approaches to a class fully couched in experiencing the expressive range of dance. We will expand, twist, swing, flop, and bounce as we navigate what it means to inhabit our bodies from the inside out as dynamic entities full of infinite capacities. The role of class is not to decide what we can and cannot do, but to rediscover the ways in which movement feeds and inspires us. Among his mentors Nathan counts esteemed artist-pedagogs such as Marissa Aucoin (MLA Format Dance), Loretta Fois (Espressione Corporea Project), Nina Haft (Nina Haft & Company), Abigail Hosein (AHDanco), and Dana Lawton (Dana Lawton Dances).

Nathan loves disco.

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