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CAKE is the embodied extolling of cake’s perennial greatness. The dance fluctuates between historical, pop, and personal references to prove that Marie Antoinette’s incorrectly attributed statement was the right idea- cake is the best and you should eat it.

Choreography & Performance: Michelle Lukach & Nathan Forster

Sound Design: Nathan Forster

Sound: Gordon Ramsay, Birthday Cake, Rihanna; Requiem in D-Minor 'Lacrimosa,' Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; The Great British Baking Show, Tom Howe

Text: Nathan Forster & Michelle Lukach

Posts From Nowhere

Stemming from an initial recounting between two artists' adventures from coast to coast, Posts from Nowhere is a performance about wanderlust, home, and self; riffing on Jason McCue's intimate discography that resonates with themes of memory, nostalgia, and belonging.

Choreography & Performance: Nathan Forster

Music: Screen Turn On, Jason McCue



How do we find something within ourselves? Take a journey where alongside the dancer we'll shift from introspection, to extrospection, to retrospection, and, finally, something new that feels right.

Choreography & Performance: Nathan Forster

Music: Melody no. 17 "Sleepless Night" by George Gershwin, performed by Michael Tilson Thomas

Photo: Halted Moments by Mia

GESTALT: A Night of Pieces

An evening-length performance, GESTALT, featured old and new choreography by RFDT Artistic Director Nathan Forster, Marissa Aucoin/Format Dance of New Jersey, and Michael D. Lee of California. The evening was a combination of past RFDT solo repertory, a world premiere solo by Forster, a commissioned world premiere duet by Aucoin, and a commissioned East Coast premiere by Michael D. Lee.

*GESTALT was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo: Gary Motyczka

Finding P4.jpg
RFDT Gestalt Photo Edit.jpg

Cat of Nietzsche

Cat meets existential crisis meets Nietsche meets absurdist dance theatre meets a donut metaphor. What could go wrong?

Choreography & Performance: Nathan Forster

Text: Nathan Forster

Moving Forward

A dancer with a piece of fabric, embodying the process of moving forward. As they dance, the fabric unravels, and we are left with roadmap of everywhere we've been to get to now.

*Presented as part of a guest artist performance at Middlesex College

Choreography: Nathan Forster

Performance: Tabitha Edwards

Music: Premiere Gymnopedie by Erik Satie, performed by Alexandre Tharaud

Lighting Design: Roman Klima

Photo: Rich Kowalski


Described as enigmatic, hypnotizing, and playing upon the subtle boundary of the individual in space and the individual in performance; "Development" is a vigorous exploration of process and presentation in a satisfying, bite-sized nugget of modern dance.

Choreography and Performance: Nathan Forster

Music: Come Out by Steve Reich, edited by Nathan Forster

Leopold's Draba

Based on the ideas posited in the Essays of 20th Century Forester/Conservationist Aldo Leopold in his book Sand County Almanac, "Leopold's Draba" is an exploration of the concept of wilderness that juxtaposes our developed lives.

Choreography: Nathan Forster in Collaboration with Dancer
Dancers: Elanna Etemad, Nathan Forster
Costumes: Nathan Forster
Lighting Design : Lauren Parish

Photo: Halted Moments by Mia

Moving Forward 2.jpg
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