Stage Repertory


Described as enigmatic, hypnotizing, and playing upon the subtle boundary of the individual in space and the individual in performance; "Development" is a vigorous exploration of process and presentation in a satisfying, bite-sized nugget of modern dance.

Performed: Rochester Fringe 2018, American College Dance Conference Gala Selection (2018), Raritan Valley Community College (2017)
Choreography and Performance: Nathan Forster

Music: Steve Reich, edited by Nathan Forster

Leopold's Draba

Based on the ideas posited in the Essays of 20th Century Forester/Conservationist Aldo Leopold in his book "Sand County Almanac," "Leopold's Draba" is an exploration of the concept of wilderness that juxtaposes our developed lives.

Performed: Raritan Valley Community College (2019, 2017), American College Dance Conference Gala Selection (2019)

Choreography: Nathan Forster in Collaboration with Dancer
Dancers: Elanna Etemad, Nathan Forster
Costumes: Nathan Forster
Lights: Lauren Parish

Page Photo Credits: Mia Sabers/Halted Moments by Mia