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ReFrame Your Dancing

(From inside your house)

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Beginning/Intermediate Modern Dance w/ Nathan Forster

Tuesdays: 3:30-4:45pm PST/6:30-7:45pm EST

Haven't danced in a while, and want to get back into it? Always wanted to step outside of ballet/Jazz/Hip Hop?  Been taking classes, but interested in new perspectives? We will combine improvisation, conversation, neo-classical, and post modern dance approaches invigorate and expand our dance experience. The role of class, particularly this class, is not to decide what we can and cannot do. The role of class is to rediscover the ways in which dance feeds and inspires us. Fun music is a BONUS+++.

Why we love Nathan: Unwaveringly positive, mindful, believes in you, energetic movement, obsessed with Gloria Gaynor.

Michael RFDT Class Image.png

Dance Bouquet w/ Michael Lee

Thursdays: 3:30-5:00pm PST / 6:30-8:00pm EST

Dance Bouquet features a varied offering of movement classes led by Oregon-based artist Michael Lee on a monthly rotation- see our social media for what's going on this month!


Dance Class

Using the techniques I have been taught and given, the class will move like a traditional zoom class, a warm up with attention brought to the inner self and where movement comes from. Attention will also be given to different axis points and non-western styles of movement (i.e. turning on your heel, not the ball of your foot, etc).


Gestures Class.

Basic exploration of gestures and where we find them. Class attendees will be asked to bring some ideas for choreography to the class and intentionally add gestures.


Dance Class/Improv.

Moving into a more improv based warmup and then an exploration of modes of performance and intentional movement. An exploration of meditation and Butoh may be brought into the class.


Things I can give to you.

This week will focus on tools and movement that has been given to me by other teachers/cultures and that have also been given permission to teach others. (Phrases/movements from historical and living cultures as well as tricks of the trade to help western forms).

Why we love Michael: Smart, creative, open, articulate, methodical, intuitive, makes cool resin jewelry

Karolina WIX Image.png

Intermediate Yoga w/ Karolina Holmstrom

ON PAUSE- Karolina is a fierce lady that wears a lot of hats. She'll be back soon <3

Karolina’s intermediate Vinyasa yoga class provides an alignment based flow that focuses on building strength while retaining flexibility. Each class generally incorporates a pose theme (binding, twists, chest opening, etc.) and modification will be provided throughout to accommodate for injuries and different ability levels.

For injury concerns or pose requests, please contact Karolina via Instagram @karolinah75

Why we love Karolina: Thoughtful, direct, clear, prepared, 

has adorable Guinea Pigs.

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