Remember These Dances

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Remember Me

What were the moments that made you who you are today? How do you want to be remembered? Do you remember the 23rd night of September?

Three 20-Somethings asked big questions in the middle of a global pandemic, and created a dance piece that finds its groove in the creases of our reminiscence and imaginations.

Choreography: Nathan Forster in collaboration w/ Dancers

Dancers: Bailey Benoot, Nathan Forster, Charly Santigado

Music: Honestly, we're still figuring this out

Text: Bailey Benoot, Nathan Forster, Charly Santigado

Costumes: Bailey Benoot

Grammar of Space

The Grammar of Space seeks to investigate the full spectrum of meaning and non-meaning through the strategic division of space. How do the places we occupy impact our own experiences and the way others perceive us? Can a place hold onto meaning even when we don’t actively occupy it? What can we learn from distance and proximity? These questions among many others are explored over the course of this co-choreographed duet that blends Charly and Bailey’s distinctive styles into a language that’s uniquely their own.

Choreography: Bailey Benoot and Charly Santigado

Dancers: Bailey Benoot and Charly Santigado

Music: TBD

Costumes: Bailey Benoot

Junkyard Guitars

Junkyards Guitars is the embodiment of a strum. Three dancers navigate the space inside and in between notes, finding hidden intricacies and abandonment, not dissimilar to the contents of a junkyard.

Choreography: Bailey Benoot

Dancers: Nayaa Opong, Aanyse Pettiford-Chandler, Charly Santigado

Music: Original Score composed and performed by Jonathan Kirschner

Costumes: Bailey Benoot